Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 11 - Free Day In Seattle

Today there wasn't really anything on the agenda so I slept in. When I woke up I found out that my nephew had met Apollo Ohno in the elevator last night. Apparently he was staying in our hotel as well. I didn't believe him until he showed me a pic he took with Ohno on his cell phone. Very nice Brandon. After that I got a call from my dad and step-mom asking if they would give them a ride up to my aunt and uncles house in Lynwood. I agreed and then they told me how much luggage they had. When my dad rolled the cart out of the hotel it looked like gear for a touring pop star and her entourage! I was half expecting my step-mom Sue to come walking out with a little dog and body guards. Anyway, we got it all packed in there and thankfully didn't have to strap anything to the roof. On the way to my aunt and uncles house is the Lakeview cemetery where Bruce and Brandon Lee are buried. I've always wanted to visit Bruce Lee's grave so we stopped by. Bruce is arguably the most influential person in modern martial arts history and I always wanted to see this place and pay my respects.

Here's Bruce Lee's grave.

And Brandon Lee.

Father and son, side by side.

After that it was on to the families house to hang out with my aunt and uncle and cousins. It was nice to have a day to just relax and have a good dinner with family. It's my dad's side of the family so they were extra interested in the road trip and how that was going. I also got to meet some new second cousins and my cousin Trevor's fiance Melissa.

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