Thursday, April 15, 2010

My First Twins Game In The New Stadium

So today I had my first experience at our new stadium. It was freakin' amazing! I've always been a casual fan and I root for the Twins because they are the home team, but today I experienced a new level of excitement. I felt like a little kid (which I know some of you would argue that I AM)! There is a new energy that surrounds the stadium and the fans. The warm sun on your face, the fresh air (surprising since the waste management thing is behind the stadium), the smell of hot dogs and peanuts... the whole experience is just awesome! I took a ton of photos today and here are a couple of my favorites.

Of course the big sign which I think is pretty cool.

Here's Liriano... looking strong!

The view of the field from our seats. Thanks Noble!

This is Cuddy's 2 run homer today. It was like a foot inside the post!

I like this one... I caught the ball just coming off his bat.

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